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Although Diane is limiting her touring & traveling dates, she remains happy and able to satisfy most booking requests.



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Jan. 2019
Jan. 7-14 Not Available for Booking  
Jan. 18 One World Montessori School Fox
1170 Foxworthy Ave.
San Jose, CA
Jan. 18 One World Montessori S.C. Leigh
4343 Leigh Ave.
San Jose, CA
Jan. 21
12:30, 2:00, &3:30
Children's Discovery Museum
180 Woz Way
San Jose, CA
children's discovery museum
Jan. 30 Marin Elementary School
1001 Santa Fe Ave
Albany, CA
Feb. 2019
Feb. 1 Griot Storytelling
Orinda Intermediate School
80 Ivy Drive
Orinda, CA
Feb. 4-5 Griot Storytelling
Orinda Intermediate School
80 Ivy Drive
Orinda, CA
Feb. 6-12 Not Available for Booking  
Feb 13 Lycee de Francais de San Francisco
755 Ashbury Street
San Francisco, CA
Feb .14 Olivera School
2351 Olivera Rd
Concord, CA
Feb. 15 George Peabody Elementary School
251 6th Avenue
San Francisco, CA
Feb. 17
11 am -3 pm
Black HIstory Program  Celebration
Crocker Art Museum
216 O Street
Sacramento, CA
Crocker Art
Feb. 19 Claire Lilienthal School-Scott Casmpus
3630 Divisidero Street
San Francisco, CA
Feb. 20 Northern Light School
3710 Dorisa Ave
Oakland, CA
Feb. 20 Sony Black History Celebration
Bridgepointe Lobby, 2207 Bridgepointe Pkwy
San Mateo, CA
Feb. 21 Maya Angelou Academy
3695 High Street
Oakland, CA
Feb. 25 McKinley Elementary School
2401 Santa Monica Blvd.
Santa Monica, CA
Music Center of L.A.
Feb. 26 Lockhurst Charter Elementary
6170 Lockhurst Drive
Woodland Hills, CA
Music Center of L.A.
Feb. 27 Juan Cabrillo Elementary School
5309 W 135th Street
Hawthorne, CA
Music Center of L.A.
Feb. 28 Wonderland Elementary School
8510 Wonderland Avenue
Los Angeles, CA
Music Center of L.A.
Feb. 28 Walteria Elementary School
24456 Madison Street
Torrance, CA
Music Center of L.A.
March 2019
March 5-12 Not Available for Bookling  
March 14 Tolenas School
4500 Tolenas Road
Fairfield, CA
March 20-25 Not Available for Booking  
April 2019
April 3 Monte Verde School
2551 St. Cloud Dr.
San Bruno, CA
April 5 Hillcrest School
30 Marguerite Dr
Oakland, CA
April 8-15 Not Available for Booking  
April 25 SunRidge School
7285 Hayden Ave
Sebastopol, CA
April 26 Gravenstein School
3840 Twig Ave
Sebastopol, CA
April 27
1 pm
Fundraiser for Meadows Livingstone School
The Freight and Salvage
2020 Addison Street
Berkeley, CA
The Freight
May 2019
May 1-4 St. Louis Storytelling Festival
University of Missouri Extension
St. Louis, MO
St. Louis Festival
May 6-13 Not Available for Booking  
May 22-31 Sigana INternational Storytelling Festival & Tour
Nairobi, Kisumu, Kenya
June 2019
June 1-7 Sigana INternational Storytelling Festival & Tour
Nairobi, Kisumu, Kenya
June10-16 Not Available for Booking  
June 19
7 pm
Juneteenth Celebration
Manlo Park Library
800 Alma Street
Manlo Park, CA
Menlo Park Library
June 21 Ohlone Elementary School
950 Amarillo Ave
Palo Alto, CA
June 21 El Carmelo Elementary School
3024 Bryant St
Palo Alto, CA
June 28-30
4-6 pm 6/30
Nosotros gente-Afro Descendants Telling our Stories
Smithsonian Institution
National Museum of African American History and Culture
Washington DC
July 2019
July 8-16 Not Available for Booking  
July 20-26 Storytelling Week
Oakland Feather River Camp
Quincy, CA
Feather River Camp
July 27-28 National Storytelling Network Summit
Fremont, CA
National Storytelling Summit
July 31 Woodroe Woods School
750 Fargo Ave
San Leandro, CA
August 2019
Aug. 1 Rainbow Montessori School
790 E. Duane Ave
Sunnyvale, CA
Aug. 12 Rainbow Montessori School
790 E. Duane Ave
Sunnyvale, CA
Aug. 13-19 Not Available for Booking  
Sept. 2019
Sept. 16-22 Not Available for Booking  
Sept. 26-29 Cave Run Storytelling Festival
Cave Run Lake, Daniel Boone National Forest
Morehead, KY
Cave Run Festival
Oct. 2019
Oct. 3-7 Not Available--Atending National Festival
Jonesborough, TN
Oct. 13
12:30-5 pm
Davis Storytelling Extravaganza
Davis Odd Fellows Lodge
415 2nd Street
Davis, CA
Oct. 19
10 am-12 pm
Seminar Presentation
Sandra J Wing Healing Therapies Foundation
900 Main Street, Ste.101
Pleasanton, CA
Oct. 21-28 Not Available for Bookings  
Oct. 31 Performance Studies Class Presentation
University of California
Berkeley, CA
Nov.. 2019
Nov. 4-5 Under the Aalamaram Storytelling Festival
New Delhi, India
Nov. 7-9 Under the Aalamaram Storytelling Festival
Mumbai, India
Nov. 18-25 Not Available for Bookings  

                                       California Arts Council Highest Ranking

  •                       *  A great voice with resonant quality

  •                                   *   Can use her entire instrument very well: the voice, body, face, gestures

  •                            *  Costuming is lovely. A great performer, as good as it gets.

  •                                   *   Has the ability to perform in any situation.





Booking Information

Tom Ferlatte
Office 510-655-2719

Cell 510-390-4699

Los Angeles Area School Bookings-Contact:
The Music Center  
135 North Grand Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90012

California Arts Council Roster Artist Fee Support for Diane Ferlatte:
Funding is available from the Performing Arts Touring and Presenting Program in the form of fee support for qualified engagements for roster artists booked by eligible California presenters. A CAC Roster Directory is sent to all known California non-profit and governmental presenters in the state and is the tool presenters need to request fee support.

The CAC has developed a new presenting pilot program which is designed to help rural and inner city presenters offer performances to their communities by accessing regional artists with a wide range of fees.

For guidelines and deadlines, contact:
California Arts Council
1300 I Street, Suite 930
Sacramento, CA 95814

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